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Thread: Results in from my WellnessFX Blood Panel

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    Results in from my WellnessFX Blood Panel

    Hey guys,

    I haven't been active on here for a while, but am about 2.5 years into living Primally. Despite feeling pretty great on the whole, I decided it's time to get the behind the scenes story and have some blood work done.

    My eating habits are pretty stable, with plenty of local eggs, meat and produce (with occasional conventional meats), big dinner salads most nights. I eat a fair amount of dairy, mostly local raw milk, and a good amount of organic store-bought half&half and yogurt. Luckily my digestion is good, because I love dairy! I'm around 6-7% BF, and have a number of athletic interests, so I don't watch my carb counts much. High carb days are usually from sweet potatoes, bananas, maybe rice noodles or sushi rice. Unplanned, intermittent fasts have become part of my routine. On days that I'm out the door early, I just have some coffee with H&H and maple syrup, then maybe no food until early afternoon. Sometimes it's breakfast, then nothing until a big late dinner. It feels good to get in touch with the feeling of actually being hungry again! I was packing snacks to bring with me during the day, and was in a constant state of being partially full. I'm not so sure continually throwing fresh food on top of partially digested food in your stomach is a great idea.

    My supplementation has been pretty minimal lately. I take some 1000mg of C, and 5000-10000iu of D3 and 12-24mg of iodine most days. Though, within a couple weeks before my blood draw I did a couple days of high-dose D3 when I felt my body fighting something off. I'm not sure how big of an impact a pulse dose has on the levels checked here. I was taking Selenium, B2 and B3 as well, earlier in my iodine supplementation, but have tapered that back.

    I'm waiting on my included consultation in a couple days, and would love any input from experienced members here. Is it weird that I was hoping for some type of nutrient deficiency? hahaha. I love having room to improve and something to work on!

    Apo-B is the obvious outlier, but I'm not sure of the exact significance in the context of my lifestyle.

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