You know how they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? Yeah, well...just cuz I am starting yet another journal doesn't mean I am insane!!

Now that we have that cleared up.

Me: 46, female, life long southern girl. Inflicted w'/ all the modern diseases: Type II Big D, Fibro, High BP, and Hypothyroidism along with a life history of depression, cuz who wouldn't be depressed w/ all that shit screwing around with you? Or maybe the depression is the cause? Actually I think the cause is modern life. Yes there are good things about it. I personally love hot running water and a/c. Particularly in Florida. But us humans have an amazing ability to take a good thing and turn it into something deadly.

This is my journal on healing from the 21st century while still trying to live in it. After about 10 months of clean eating last year with about 6 of those grain free I hit the dreaded holidays. At first it was just a small piece of fudge, maybe some corn chips. By Christmas I was eating everything bad for me except gluten because I knew what would happen if I did that. Come Jan 1, 2013, the world hadn't ended so I had to get back on track except oops...I couldn't find the track. Damn it, I was lost in the SAD jungle. I finally found the path that got me out of the Diet Coke addiction (one more time), but then got lost again. I briefly went down the Eat Moar Fat path which made perfect sense but the bushes all closed around me and wouldn't let me continue. The last few days I have been stuck in the quicksand of depression and fibro and doing exactly what you are not supposed to do when stuck in quicksand which is struggle (or eat potato chips and pecan pralines). I grabbed hold of a branch called PHD with the thought that the higher carbs could help and here I am.

Day 1: Home from work again. Went to the store and got Magnesium Malate and D3. Went for a short walk. Whined on the Eat More Fat page and got some wonderful encouragement. ( Started this journal because all the previous paths had closed and I needed a way to hack myself out of the quicksand and dead ends.
Other tools used: MFP: My Fitness Pal. I am the same user name if anyone wants to add me. I am going to continue posting menus.

I now have two maps to follow. MFP and MDA journals and forums. I will keep you all up to date on my progress!