Hi all,

I've been into moderate paleo for about 7 months (occasionally eating rice and wheat, though really it was an excuse to not give up sugar), but for the past month I've been very strict and the result is not what I've expected!

Since becoming very strict in my Paleo eating, I've noticed more belly fat (seriously, this thing is poking out). That's really the only consistent physical difference I've noticed, and I also tend to get bloated if I eat too much sugar, which can be as little as 2 clementines on some days.

The one thing I've started eating tons of in the last month is bacon. I eat a BAS for lunch 5 days of the week, and it always contains 1 whole chicken breast and at least 2 strips of bacon, as well as 2 eggs (these things taste amazing together - I also add cilantro an lots of veggies). I also usually will eat eggs at breakfast. Am I OD'ing on saturated fat/protein? Where's this belly fat coming from - is it even belly fat? Could I just be distended from unbalanced nutrition?