I KNOW something is off in my diet, but can't figure it out. I get ~1800 calories most days, ~50-60% fat, 30-40% protein, the rest in carbs. Carbs typically <80 grams - and I am very active. That activity level isn't changing so I need enough nutrition/calories to support that activity level.

The problem is my weight is stuck, and I am gaining body fat - not much but I am. Weight has been stuck since November.... I am 5'3, currently weigh 128. I want to be 10 pounds smaller and drop about 5% body fat (currently 31.1% according to my most recent Bod Pod assessment the other day) I suppose it is possible that I am not getting enough carbs - but how would that make me gain body fat?

My diet is solid, it couldn't be cleaner. The only thing non-Paleo about it is I put cream in my coffee. Cheese, perhaps twice a month, I go between butter and ghee but I don't eat large amounts of either. While not a strict Paleo diet, it certainly is Primal.

So I am trying to decide if I should try a Whole30 for a re-set, or if I should try a leptin reset. The problem with the latter is I start out two mornings a week with a VERY intense group workout (which isn't changing), and I am pretty sure I would throw up if I tried to eat 50 grams of protein beforehand. I still have a substantial brekkie (around 400 calories, ~35 grams of protein, etc) on mornings that I start with a workout, and dial it back a bit on rest days.

I was consuming more fat (~70%), but my weight was stuck then as well - though I wasn't gaining body-fat). It is the BF % rising that has me a bit concerned... I am working with my trainer to build muscle/change my composition and he didn't think I was getting enough protein. He knows his stuff, and is Paleo/Primal himself. Of course I had to dial back on the fat a bit when I raised my protein %.

Thoughts anyone?