If any of you know my story of my non-primal (actually more like anti-primal) boyfriend, you may find this as shocking as I did. Last night I was set to make a "lite" salmon dinner as usual and then my boyfriend suggested I make liver and that he would actually eat some. I was so shocked I could not believe it. He's Mr. CW, afraid of red meat, squeamish of most things, loves his grains and sugar (although strangely there is a lot less of it in the house than there used to be) and has been outright ANGRY with me at times for my food choices. I heated up leftover noodles just in case he didn't like the liver. I told him it won't offend me if he decides he doesn't like the liver or can't finish it. I gave him a way bigger piece than he wanted. He ate the whole thing and now he says he likes liver.

I've been eating this way since August 2011. If you have a non-primal spouse, patience is your friend.