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I was pretty flabbergasted at the request.

You see, my boyfriend is the kind of person who has to be right. He has dug in so hard against my crazy ideas that he can't save face and change his mind. So I don't push him anymore. But if I look around, there is hard, thin-sliced European brown bread in the refrigerator and not bagels, there are more nuts and no more Doritos and M&Ms in the cupboard. Now liver? Even after he told me he read another study about the evils of red meat? Wow.

I kinda wonder if my strength training is what impressed him. I mean he can't stop talking about how hard I was able to work on our trail maintenance trip this weekend. He can't believe the upper body strength I had to saw and throw trees over the side. That's a real change you can't ignore. Maybe he thinks there might be something to all this craziness I am doing. First I eat different and lose a little weight, then I'm throwing trees over the side of the trail like I'm 20 years younger and male (well, almost). Maybe it's all accumulating into a story he can't help but believe. We'll see what happens.

He did bring home a package of flour tortillas yesterday, so he's not on board, just not so adamantly opposed.
Hey that trail maintenance trip sounds hard core. You must have felt awesome being in condition to make that sort of contribution. I'm so impressed.