First of all, I want to share appreciation for Mark and everyone on the site. I have been following for about a year now, and this is my first post.

Over that time, I have moved towards a primal diet in eating fewer carbs, going heavy on Kerrygold and coconut oil and raw eggs. I have a blood panel from before and after. I got a whole plethora of tests, and most everything looks ok, with the exception of lipds:

12/17/11 1/29/13
Cholesterol Total 199 270
HDL 63 82
Triglycerides 58 62
LDL 124 176
VLDL n/a 12

I understand that these results aren't definitive: How to Read a Cholesterol Test | Mark's Daily Apple

However, I am concerned that my LDL went up proportionally more than my HDL. Don't know my bmi, but I'm 6-2 and 175, pretty slender.

Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations?