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Thread: Carbs to balance hormones, how much?

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    Carbs to balance hormones, how much?

    A little while ago I posted about problems my low carb, high fat diet could have caused me personally (I was suffering from severe PMS, acne, hair loss, fatigue, on and off joint pains, heart palpitations, chest pain. My thyroid worsened and my liver enzymes were elevated.)

    I have been taking herbs to detox and help my hormones balance out, and I increased my carb intake to about 90 (from 50-60). Some things improved instantly, like my fatigue and pains. Last my liver and thyroid were checked (8days ago) they were also doing better.
    I am not sure if I am the best I can be though. My body might prefer an even higher carb intake? But how high is too high?

    My hair loss hasn't stopped yet, but some days I would not lose hair. I am still trying to figure out and am wondering if I ate differently the day before.

    I am not eating rice or potatoes atm. But I get lots of carbs from fruits, veggies, tubers and roots. There shouldn't be a difference between carbs from rice and carbs from plants right?

    I find a lot of confusing information out there. Some are totally against carbs, some are pro carbs, some say to only eat good, paleo carbs, while others eat is hard to tell who is right and wrong tbh.

    (Btw. i am female, 30, 5'5" and 107lbs, I am trying to gain weight
    Or at least maintain what I have. I am not taking any medication or birth control and I am breastfeeding a toddler, my postpartum hormones settled a year ago jn case anyone wonders)
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