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Thread: Favorite Green Tea?

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    Red face Favorite Green Tea?

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    Hey Guys,

    I was just in the US, great selection of teas which we don't have in UK, so I need to order online.

    Wondered what your favorite brand (and best quality) of green tea is, as well as camomile.



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    My absolute favorite green tea is Yogi brand Super Antioxidant. It has a very smooth, slightly sweet/floral taste, never gets bitter.

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    Loose leaf. I get mine from a Taiwanese tea company called Ten Ren.
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    looseleaf gunpowder and jasmine
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    I love me some loose leaf Japanese Sencha.

    Brew sencha at 170 degrees F. Deep steamed (dark green and small leaves) for one minute with second steep 30 seconds at 170 F and third steep at 175 F for 45 seconds. Regular steamed (lighter green and larger leaves) for two minutes, second steep one minute at 170 F, and third steep at 1 minute at 175 F. Use five-eight grams of tea per cup depending on your personal taste.

    Or there is Chinese Lu'an Gui Pian (Lu'an Melon Seed). All steeps at 175 F. First steep for one minute, second steep for one minute and 15 seconds, third steep for one minute and 30 seconds, fourth steep at two minutes, fifth steep at two minutes or more if you dare. Use about five scoops (teaspoons) of tea per two cups, two-and-a-half scoops per cup. It's a lot, but you will rebrew several times so you won't actually go through your leaves too quickly.

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    Hey Steve,

    You can buy the real deal green tea in Chinese shops - much cheaper too
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    I get my fave green teas from Harney & Sons - Taiping Houkui and Lung Ching. Gunpowder when I'm in the mood for something a little stronger. They're all loose leaf teas. Hope this helps...

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    I purchase all mine from Tea Hong, which is based out of Hong Kong. The man who set it up also runs Tea Guardian, which has a fair few nice articles.

    I prefer his Yunwu (Tienshen April Mist) - versatile and inexpensive.


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