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Thread: Anyone do Primal/paleo with no fridge? page 2

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    In earlier times people, even in cities, had root cellars, cool cellars, ice houses, very large pantry storage, etc. Without any of these you would have to shop daily. Daily shopping is very common in many parts of Europe and England and other places of course. But why go to all this work?

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    Cryptocode, I'm attracted to trying to keep in touch with the nature of food. I try to eat seasonally, and some people just don't understand that concept, which seems so obvious to me. I remember someone trying to tell me that eating strawberries all year was a very good thing. Besides the fact that it damages the environment and they usually taste like crap out of season,it removes the specialness of eating strawberries in June and there's such a disconnect between most people in the west and the rhythm of the seasons. I like my food to be as close to natural as possible.
    I've no intention of doing this if it will be a massive hardship, hence my asking for suggestions. But it actually doesn't seem to be that big a deal for many people who've tried it, which is interesting.
    Challenging the idea that a piece of technology is 'essential' is an end in itself anyway. Maybe it is and maybe it isn't, but if we don't think about it, how do we know? I'm fed up of doing things just because everybody else does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matildags View Post
    had to ask the dogs to find it
    Yes , sure we knew it was somewhere between the door and the lilac and could use sticks to poke the snow and find the pot but why not ask somebody who knows exactly?

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