Hi there, I am very new to Mark's Daily Apple forums so please excuse my probable lack of knowledge.

I am here because I am starting to feel quite desperate. I have been suffering from brain fog and poor memory for several years now which I believe has had a pretty significant impact upon my life and delayed my very few and far between accomplishments. I have a lot of trouble memorising new information unless it's part of a routine I partake in very regularly (like anything related to my work which is easy to memorise anyway), which does bother me a lot because I am an enthusiastic learner, I just have trouble actually REMEMBERING almost all of the specific details of what I have learnt. I recall the general 'gist' of information, and usually have trouble relaying that information to other people because it's difficult to think on my feet and put sentences together. I also feel far more apathetic than I did when I was a young teenager (I'm 22 now) and feel as though the past several years are just a blur which has flown past me.

A brief description of some relevant history:

I was bulimic for approximately 2 years as a teenager (have not relapsed since then and have absolutely no urge to). I was also, idiotically, a junk food vegetarian for approximately 5 years starting when I was 16 (for 2 of those years I was also a junk food vegan - relied on many supplements during this time). I have been on several courses of antibiotics which have mainly been short term (I experienced recurrent urinary tract infections during my 2 years of veganism), except for one long term course which if I can recall correctly lasted for about 1 year which was prescribed for acne.

Since I started eating red meat and seafood, drastically cutting my consumption of grains and most dairy, and upping my green leafy vegetable intake my brain fog has improved - but only slightly. I have seen observed other benefits such as reduced fatigue, less mood swings, less anxiety and clearer skin - but my brain fog is the issue which plagues me the most. I was wondering if those years of poor dieting, ED and antibiotic use could have had a dramatic impact upon the health of my gut and thence my brain... and also if I could be provided with some suggestions of what I can do to help myself heal faster.

Thank you for reading.