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Thread: Mayo? Yeah or Na

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    there is some site that actually tested various animal fats, said something like, lamb and duck fats were too strong tasting.

    but bacon grease and beef or pork fat is totally doable, but it WILL be very rich !

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    I use two to four tablespoons of mayonnaise, the regular ol' Best Foods
    kind a MONTH.


    If I make my own and it tastes like shit, not only am I not going to eat it, but I
    will have wasted all of the ingredients to make it in the first place.

    Just saying.

    I want tuna to taste like tuna darnit.

    My 5% out of 95% I guess.


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    I only make one cup of mayo at a time (so 1 egg and 1.25 cups of oil). Not a big investment and even if it fails it still serves for salad dressing. I use 1 cup walnut oil and .25 cups EVOO as my oil and it is very yummy! That small amount of EVOO balances out the walnut oil and I just really like that combination. Avocado oil is also nice - but more expensive than walnut oil.

    The entire secret is the egg and lemon juice MUST be room temperature before starting! I crack the egg and add the lemon juice in my food processor 2 hours before I start blending - as long as I do that it doesn't fail to emulsify.

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    Great idea! Thanks for the avocado idea. Today my husband and I made an egg salad and used avocado and a bunch of veggies with a little bit of a spicy mustard. It was yummy!

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    I use a coddled egg to make mine and it never fails. Bring a pot of water to a boil take it off the heat place the egg in the pot for 1min then put it in an ice bath to cool. I also use 1tbsp of dijon mustard. Hth

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