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Thread: Trying Out Paleo

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    Red face Trying Out Paleo

    Hello all.

    I was introduced to this site as well as the paleo lifestyle by my friend and forum member Byakko. She suggested I try out paleo after hearing about my complaints of fatigue as well as my ongoing battle with acne. In all honesty, I am fairly stubborn, and when I heard about paleo, I was skeptical and unwilling to give up my comforting starches.

    However, I am at my wit's end. Although it will be tough, I am willing to give paleo a try and see if I notice any changes.

    My problem areas are as such:

    - Acne (been suffering from this since I was 15. I am now 23. I don't break out much anymore but whenever I eat a bunch of sugar/dairy or become stressed, I break out, and thus, end up with dark marks on my face thanks to hyper pigmentation.)

    - Dry scalp (this one is a recent thing and I'm not sure what the cause is)

    - Dry Skin (primarily in the winter...don't notice much during the other seasons)

    - Bloating (after I eat, my stomach will start to bloat.)

    - Fatigue (particularly after consuming sugar. I end up crashing and wanting to sleep. This is also a fairly recent thing.)

    My main battle is the acne/scarring thing. The more I can prevent breaking out, the better. I realized years back that tropical medications are not a fix and I've always had a suspicion that it had to do with something that was going on inside. I figured it might have to do with the type of food I consume, so I took my hypothesis to my dermatologist as well as my doctor and they both shot it down, stating that food had nothing to do with my acne.

    And...after hearing that, I never went back to them, hoping I could find a solution on my own.

    I'm coming from a "grab whatever's convenient and still relatively healthy" lifestyle here so realizing that I'm going to have to actually cook isn't particularly thrilling, yet I know it's something I need to learn. (Not to mention, the cost of grass-fed, organic meat is a bit unnerving for a college student with a minimum wage part time job!)

    With that said, I hope to try and stay on track and find as many simple paleo recipes as I can.
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