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Thread: Primal Journal (252dlp)

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    Primal Journal (252dlp)

    Well, here I am, going public. I have steadily gained weight over the last two years, but the biggest chunk came during the last 12 months--30 pounds. Amazing really. It was a stressful year, and my relief was comfort foods and fatty sweets. I really feel awful when I eat too much sugar, but I've learned to ignore that and really want to reverse that. I have a host of health issues, many of which I think will be helped by eating Primal.

    First of those health issues is a gluten intolerance. Yay...I've been off gluten since 2005, so this part is easy. However, I let myself stray for a lower carb diet to eating the gluten free frankenfoods. So, that goes.

    Second is an intolerance to the casein in dairy. Yay...been off that since 2005 as well, so that part is not as hard as it could be. Dairy was harder for me to give up than gluten, but the almost immediate sinus infections that result from eating too much keeps me in check. I can eat a bit of cheese now and again as long as I don't eat too much.

    I have arthritis in my cervical spine. Hoping reducing inflamation in general will help that as well.

    I have gastroparesis, which literally means "paralyzed stomach", so I'm supposed to be cooking all my fruits and veggies. This is what will be the most challenging, though I've been doing pretty well the last couple of days.

    So, I officially decided to start the PB on Friday. I haven't read the entire book yet, but I've been reading here and just decided to start anyway. Friday was just about trying to see where I am.

    Here's how Saturday went:

    B: 2 slices turkey, 1 slice cheddar (I have an open package, so I'll just use it up then won't buy more); 2 slices bacon; calcium/magnesium supplement. Neither the turkey nor the bacon has nitrates or nitrites.

    S: Skinny soy vanilla latte (this is going to be the hardest to give up)

    L: Roast chicken; organic fresh blueberries and strawberries; 1 calcium/magnesium; 1 raw cacao coconut macraroon.

    D: Roast chicken; spinach & mushrooms sauteed in coconut oil, raw cocoa coconut mousse

    S: Raw coconut macaroon; chicken breast

    Activity: Wii...Walk It Out -- 56 min
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