They're freaking me out, but I have two cans of organic, skinless and boneless sardines in my pantry.

Yes, I pussied out and grabbed skinless and boneless. I don't think I can do the bone thing just yet. I still get freaked out looking at an uncooked chicken leg.

I happen to think all animals are cute, even if they are delicious and nutritious, and the more my meat looks like an animal the less appetizing it becomes. I didn't want to be staring my canned fish in the eyes and chomping on it's spine.

But I'm still a little put off by sardines. I've never known anyone who eats sardines, even though I've read they used to be common in American pantries and are actually very sustainable. I'd like to get to know these little guys.

I haven't plucked up the courage to open a can yet but I think I might just suck it up and do it tonight.

Do any of you guys love sardines? Hate them? How do you eat them? Everyone(on the rest of the interwebs) says crackers but that's not really an option for me.