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Thread: Bye bye cosmetics! Learning about skin and hair pH.

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    Bye bye cosmetics! Learning about skin and hair pH.

    At the start of Jan I began an N=1 into the no-shampoo craze, and it is literally the best thing I've never done! Last week my hairdresser kept saying how soft my hair was, how much new growth there was, and eventually asked me if I'd changed shampoo - ha! (Here's the thread, which has some great tips on how to transition:

    It got me thinking. Since cutting out gluten, soy, veg oils, tap water, and upping my fat intake, my very-delicate-needs-lots-of-moisturer skin has become quite low maintenance. The inside-out approach is helping, but how about outside-in?

    The science: Our skin and hair are supposed to have a slightly acidic pH of about 4.3, but most cosmetics and hair care products are alkaline. (Soap can be up to 9, and detergents are around 11, but that's a whole other thread). I've heard before "don't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat" so this was my new N=1:

    Use foods on my face and body that have a pH that is close to the natural pH of skin.

    In the same way that the sebum production of hair balanced once you stop using shampoo, I predicted that my skin would start to balance once I stopped using cosmetics that strip it of its natural oils.

    I've been using greek yogurt (pH 4.3) mixed with honey (pH 3.9 - 6.1) as a facial cleanser (which is literally what I eat for breakfast every morning ) I've used lemon (pH 2.3) diluted in water (pH 7) as a toner (but only at night, cos' it makes skin photosensitive), and I'm going to try it with orange because orange has a slightly higher pH (3.5). I'm taking baths with the juice and zest of one lemon.

    It's only been one week but my skin looks amazing! It's soft, glowing, and I swear there are fewer wrinkles on my hands. I've only used moisturiser a few times (normally have to moisturise twice a day) and I used a dab of coconut oil as a body moisturizer after one of my baths.

    One complaint I still have with my hair is that it still has some static - but I read that hair which 'frizzes' is more alkaline, which is why coloured hair is more likely to stick up (hair dye is very alkaline). It's recommended to spray hair with aloe vera juice to lower the pH. Haven't tried this yet but going to rinse my hair in my lemon bath tonight.

    Can you imagine how much money a person could save eliminating cosmetics? Plus I imagine my lymphatic system is going to thank me. Goooo hippies!
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