I had left the wonderful world of Primal living in November because of awful side-effects during and following the 21-Day-Detox. I slowly got back into a somewhat Primal way of life in January and have seen many of the improvements I originally saw in July 2012 when I first started ditching wheat. I decided to go for a physical last week and got a blood panel done. I've done lots of googling of the results, but not many websites are Primal/Paleo-friendly so I'm not sure what "good" is in the world of Grok. Any insight would be great!

Some background on me: I've always had high total cholesterol, as do my parents (who are both on statins, much to my disdain). The highest I remember my total count being is 287 when I was in my early teens. When I lost lots of weight it got down to 247 in my early 20s. Last February, my cholesterol panel was...

Total = 227 mg/dL
HDL = 70 mg/dL
LDL = 139 mg/dL
Tri = 90 mg/dL

The results, including the rest of the panel, from last Friday are...

Total Cholesterol = 213 mg/dL (this is the lowest my total # has ever been)
HDL = 62 mg/dL
LDL = 141 mg/dL
Tri = 52 mg/dL
Total:HDL ratio = 3.44
Glucose Serum = 84 mg/dL (60-99)
Creatinine = .67 mg/dL (.5-1.20)
ALT = 12 U/L (2-40)
A1C = 4.8% (4-6%)
Est. Avg. Glucose (from A1C test) = 91 mg/dL
DHEA = 202 ug/dL (44-332)
TSH = 1.70 mIU/L (.28-4.10)

All results are after roughly 12 hours of fasting, as was the test from last year. I'm not looking for a phD-worthy diagnosis, but I'd like to have some kind of feedback so when I go to my follow-up in a couple of weeks, I can have some knowledge about how a half-assed Primal lifestyle has affected my results and if continuing on this path is good for my health.

Thanks, all!