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Thread: Potato Hack - Exercise Issues or Loss of Lean Body Mass?

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    Potato Hack - Exercise Issues or Loss of Lean Body Mass?

    I am doing the potato hack and want to build strength and endurance (want to keep up with friends for spring/summer activities).

    I attempted a 20 mile bike ride over the weekend on a flat trail. I hit the wall at 15 miles and was barely able to get back to the car the last mile. I had thought perhaps I am undereating for this, so I did eat up on rice and fish the night before (sushi). I was hungry during the bike ride, so about 5 then 10 miles in, I ate one small potato at each mark (really small, like 1/4 pound each - ate them like apples). I was cold, tired, and in pain when I got back to the car, and my legs were like rubber. Walking down steps, I thought I would collapse.

    I felt that perhaps I was going to be really sore, maybe I don't have the strength (and out of caution ate one egg the pasts two nights for extra protein) but yesterday and today, I barely have any soreness. I had gone on a few on short bike rides up and down hills around my house building strength over the past 3-4 weeks building strength.

    So, I guess I just hit the wall and ran out of glucose.

    Before the ride, I had lost 10 pounds in 11 days on the potato hack.

    Has anyone lost ground on this in terms of physical strength (lean body mass???) or endurance? Should I be doing this diet on bed rest (joking....sorta). I am concerned.

    I want to extend the hack another week or two, then take a break, then do it again. I have a lot of weight to lose. I'm 203 at 5-10. Lost over 100 pounds from my high, mostly on low carb, but low carb does not work anymore.
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