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Thread: Potato Hack - Exercise Issues or Loss of Lean Body Mass?

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    Potato Hack - Exercise Issues or Loss of Lean Body Mass?

    I am doing the potato hack and want to build strength and endurance (want to keep up with friends for spring/summer activities).

    I attempted a 20 mile bike ride over the weekend on a flat trail. I hit the wall at 15 miles and was barely able to get back to the car the last mile. I had thought perhaps I am undereating for this, so I did eat up on rice and fish the night before (sushi). I was hungry during the bike ride, so about 5 then 10 miles in, I ate one small potato at each mark (really small, like 1/4 pound each - ate them like apples). I was cold, tired, and in pain when I got back to the car, and my legs were like rubber. Walking down steps, I thought I would collapse.

    I felt that perhaps I was going to be really sore, maybe I don't have the strength (and out of caution ate one egg the pasts two nights for extra protein) but yesterday and today, I barely have any soreness. I had gone on a few on short bike rides up and down hills around my house building strength over the past 3-4 weeks building strength.

    So, I guess I just hit the wall and ran out of glucose.

    Before the ride, I had lost 10 pounds in 11 days on the potato hack.

    Has anyone lost ground on this in terms of physical strength (lean body mass???) or endurance? Should I be doing this diet on bed rest (joking....sorta). I am concerned.

    I want to extend the hack another week or two, then take a break, then do it again. I have a lot of weight to lose. I'm 203 at 5-10. Lost over 100 pounds from my high, mostly on low carb, but low carb does not work anymore.
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    It should be pretty obvious that when you are on a extreme diet you wont be able to exercise as much as usual. Since the "hack" only goes for a couple weeks, there is little to no muscle loss and no endurance loss that you wont be able to gain back easily. You have two options, one stick to short walks and nothing else while on the diet. Two up you calories to match your energy needs, you should still lose fat just not as fast.

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    You won't be able to perform your best on a calorie restricted diet, period. If you like the potato diet and want to extend it, do it for 1 week periods and the alternate it with super-nuritious primal weeks full of liver, eggs, seafood, and all types of veggies.

    You may also want to spend a month in a maintenance mode, eating starch with your meals, not to excess, and find the right calorie load that will keep you at a stable weight without under-eating. Looks like you need to lose maybe 20-30lbs more max, so you have a little ways to go, but don't wreck yourself trying to get there by spring break!

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    Thank you so much for your reply. Your advice makes a lot of sense. You're right; I shouldn't be so extreme with crash diet + endurance exercise. You got it; I want to be 175 lbs!

    I was eating a lot of veg/cruciferous included, and some eggs, shellfish, wild caught salmon, and grass-fed meat (and some Kerrygold butter! and avocado for fats) before I started this. I will revert back to this next week and alternate, as you suggest. I was really sad to find I could not lose any more weight like this no matter how I shook it up.

    I haven't been able to do liver; I have tried liver pills but the ones I bought were too large and I ended up tossing them after dealing with about 1/3 of the big jar of them.

    I'll up my calories for at least few days before a long exercise session next time and work out the calories.
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