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Thread: What is the concensus on Xanthan Gum and Soy Lecithin?

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    What is the concensus on Xanthan Gum and Soy Lecithin?

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    When xanthan gum is derived from wheat will it still contain some gluten? And does soy lecithin still have soy containing properties? I've seen varying reports.

    A store near me has a huge sale on protein powders at the moment and I was looking at getting JAy Robbs vanilla and dreamsicle powders. But I'm unsure about the sourcing of the xanthan gum in the products.

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    lecithins are not things that you should ideally be consuming; Mark Sission explains why through numerous blog posts that you can search for on the main page of this site. As for Xanthan gum I tell that a good rule of thumb is that anything that undergoes industrial processing is not somthing that is primal/paleo that you should be putting in your body.
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