I'm waking up each morning with a new tiny cut, looks like a paper cut, on the back of my hand. Once or twice, they looked like small (pea-sized or less, but irregular, not round) abrasions. Once or twice, I noticed them in the evening before bed, not morning. The abrasions I noticed because blood was dripping off my hand! It's always on the back of my hand (usually backs of fingers, not always in the lines), except once in a fingernail bed. They hurt like a paper cut and seem prone to minor infection. I haven't found any objects in them.

There is nothing sharp in my bed. My nails are short & dull. I don't cut. MY HANDS ARE NOT DRY. I've found lots of people across the internet having this problem, and everyone tells them to use lotion. Thanks to primal/paleo WOE, my lifelong dry skin is totally gone and my hands are smooth as a baby's bottom, not dry or cracked at all.

This has been happening over the last three weeks.

This is pretty typical of the response gotten on the internet (other than dry skin): Small unexplained cuts appearing on body (pic) - Bodybuilding.com Forums

So we are ruling out in advance possession, aliens, stigmata, cutting, & vampires. Anybody got any realistic guesses? I'm certain this is some kind of health problem. I'm on (natural) thyroid meds. The worst thing I can think of is parasites. :P