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Thread: Why does cheese halt weight loss/make one gain but Whey and yogurt do not?

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    I often eat 1-2 ounces of high quality cheese as part of my lunch plate (usually about 4 oz of lean deli meat, apple slices, fresh berries, some veggie sticks, maybe a few almonds). I mostly use either cheese or avocado as my fat source for the meal. And I haven't noticed any adverse effect on my weight management. However, I try to always keep my weight between 145 and 150. I don't worry if it varies as long as it stays within that range. But if it starts creeping up over 150, all dairy gets the axe for a while, as well as alcohol.

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    Does cheese pack a hefty insulin spike?

    I absolutely can't eat it without fattening up, and it has nothing to do with the calories.

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