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Thread: Polycystic Ovaries

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    Polycystic Ovaries

    Hi All,

    My friend has skin tags, dark areas on her skin near her neck and weight around her middle and she is becoming increasingly depressed for no known reason. After visiting the GP she was told that this looks like insulin resistance and it could also mean that she has polycystic ovaries and that she may want to get that checked too. She is around 30 years old now and the prospect of children (currently has none) weighs heavy on her mind with regards to the above.

    The GP said the best way to clear it up is to loose weight but he also acknowledged that loosing weight may be a huge challenge because it is like catch 22 - very difficult to loose weight in her condition, but loosing weight will fix her condition.

    Naturally, I totally believe the answer is to go primal but before helping her I want to make sure I advise her correctly and safely.

    Do any of you have experience in the above issues and have any do's-don'ts, safe limits of carbs etc. for helping her loose weight safely, steadily and without causing her to crash into depression (she has a high stress job).

    She is a regular Gym goer, and I have already persuaded her to cut the sweeteners completely, drop coffee to one a day but she still likes the oats and wheat!

    She knows I became free of my depression and anxiety through going primal so its not a case of persuading her.

    Many thanks,


    After deeper looking, I have noticed a lot of you call this PCOS and thats why i couldnt find it. Sorry - I have never come across this before and I dont mean to repeat topics but any info is still highly valued.


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