Hello all,

For the past 2 years I've been dealing with incredible bloating, my stomach would look like a beach ball almost chronically. After finding the primal blueprint (only a month ago) it's gotten much better and I've been able to sort out most of the trigger foods. I was never able to identify them before because I was eating them all the time! Despite my "healthy" wholegrain diet of course, ugh.

Anyways, these are:

- any grains
- any dairy products
- any legumes
- nuts
- fruit
- salmon (weird right?)
- spinach
- white potatoes
- alcohol
- chemical additives
- processed sugars
- sugar alcohols
- non organic eggs

And potentially more....

It's quite a list and the weird thing is that 3 years ago I could eat anything I wanted! No problems at all. I'm 22 now by the way, and female and a regular weight.

I love being primal but man would it be nice to have a fruit smoothie once in a while without puffing out, or maybe some almond butter, mmmm. It seems the reactions are even worse now when I do eat something on the list.

I've been to a doctor, all tests (extensive allergy tests included) came back normal. I'm thinking perhaps it's leaky gut? Although I know that's a controversial subject.

Has anyone had a similar experience?