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Thread: Non-gluten "grains"

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    Quote Originally Posted by TriGirl View Post
    Breadsauce, do you generally feel like you need more carbs with your meals to keep you full?
    Ayla2010: The extra fat thing depends on how much grease I get from the bacon, but I definitely am not afraid of using fat in my meals and cooking, just use the amount that seem fitting to the meal taste and texture wise!
    For the first year of eating "primally" I avoided white rice, potatoes - any obvious carbohydrate. and while my primary objectives were met (asthma improved massively etc) I began to feel lethargic, hungry quite soon after eating, stomach distress.

    When I added back potatoes and white rice, (not at the same time and much more often potatoes than rice) my energy levels improved, mood improved, stomach improved - so I now eat some at most meals and feel way better. 3.5 years primal; 2.5 with white potatoes. And yes, they keep me feeling full for much longer.

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    I prefer hot cereal to cold cereal. I find that having hot millet or buckwheat with some banana and milk once in a while is perfect for me. I don't like breads much, or pancakes, and find them too much of a domino food, particularly the ones made with nut flours. But bowl of hot cereal particularly after a good lifting session is great. It is also good on a weekend night as a cravings killer & fills me up and makes me sleep well.

    I could never get satiated on fat, just kept binging and never feel satsified, so I am increasing my carbs and including the good old buckwheat and millet along with fruit and tubers.

    If you feel it does you good, go for it!

    EDIT: Erm, I wanted to mention that I do not consider myself a Paleo eater, let alone Primal. I just try to stick with whole,organic, natural-raised foods, as best I can.
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