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Thread: Advice please

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    do not invite her for dinner. no way. movie, tapas, badminton at the ymca, drinks and h'ors d'oeurves, the keg --- keep it light and breezy. if u entertain at your ho,e, your bathroom needs to be SPOTLESS! waaaay too much pressure for an at home date.
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    I wouldn't go for a first date at someone's house either. I would feel weird and there is no polite escape timetable, like if you go to a movie or skating or something. And your text message doesn't make it clear that she needs to choose dinner at your place or grabbing a bite elsewhere. I wouldn't offer her the choice, actually. Then she has to feel bad if she chooses something other than you cooking for her. Just plan something on neutral ground.

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    Matinee, early dinner at moderate restaurant, home early, she may or may not invite you in..
    During the evening you can sense whether or not she likes you enough to bring up the idea of cooking for her.

    It may take several dates out in public for her to feel comfortable enough to go to your house.
    And, yes, if and when she comes over, clean your house like you've never cleaned before.
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    Agreed with the above. It's a safety thing.

    I have had really great dates at museums, there is always something to talk about, it's a safe public space, etc. And afterwards, if it goes well, you can suggest grabbing dinner since you will probably be tired and hungry from walking so much. I would especially recommend science museums and the like, that have lots of interactive exhibits. Or if you live in a city with a lot of art galleries, gallery openings are usually free and a lot of the time there is free wine as well!
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    Dude, you are in NYC, correct?

    There are roughly 1 bazillion things you could do for first date material that do not involve your place. Given the setting, that is a 'run for the hills' scenario.

    Chelsea piers for the rock climbing wall, walk up and down riverside park. Go to the Guggenheim or the Met. Do the astronomy show at the Museum of natural history. Go to the top of the Empire state building. Hell, take a boat cruise. Then wind up at a small cafe with primal options.

    If you are really, really stuck, you could even go to Brooklyn ;-)

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    Ooh- a museum would be great! I like brains in a guy, and one who thought museums were cool would start out with pretty high marks in my book My blog exploring the beginning stages of learning how to homestead. With the occasional rant.

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    Inviting someone round to your house for dinner = sex date. Fine if you're both up for it, but if you like her and want something to develop then I would take her out for the first few dates. It sends a better message.
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    A good first date is afternoon coffee. If you don't click you don't have a huge investment in time or money. If you do click, then you ask if she'd like to continue the conversation over dinner.

    Personally as a woman I would not go to a man's house for dinner on a first date unless I already considered him a trustworthy friend.
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    My husband and I met online and he came over to my place for dinner with my parents for our first date, we were together from that night
    Just sayin'

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    My first date with my husband was dinner at his place, but I thought it was a "just friends" thing. We had known each other for a few months and gone out with a group of friends many times. If I had know what he was plotting at the time, I would never have accepted! I ended up basically moving in that night, so be careful what you're doing, lol.
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