I thought id start a thread with photos for kids lunch ideas, since i've seen a few people ask lately.
I too would love more ideas. I did forget to take a photo this morning of my sons lunch box for his first day of school, but will start doing it tomorrow.
Today I sent with him:
Cheddar cheese sticks (just cheddar cheese) wrapped in slices of ham
Lamb meatballs (my butcher makes these with just ground lamb and herbs and spices)
Carrot sticks
Sliced cucumber

I suspect lots will come home, as he will be too busy having fun with his new friends, but I guess eventually ill get the amount right.
Unfortunately its a nut free zone, so lots of things I would give him at home, I can't send to school. I get that kids have allergies, but it bugs me, as all of those muesli bars, and chip packets say they have come in contact with nuts etc, but yet they are still allowed, I wish they banned that garbage, but oh well.

Thankfully he is happy to eat cold meat.

I had made up a lunch box for my toddler with the same, except I also gave him guacamole since I just made it.