Hi All -

I got confused on the calorie issue. If wanting to lose weight, should we be eating primal but still trying to stick to a certain calorie threshold? I thought weight loss really comes down to using more calories than you put in. So, would assume you'd want to still keep to a certain number.

I want to lose around 5 lbs or so. My wife around 15 or so. At the start of the year, my wife lost 5 pretty quickly after not making much changes other than cutting out or drastically reducing breads/grains. There are aspects of her/our diet that are not primal (ie milk) but mainly, we eat relatively similar to primal, definitely cutting out/reducing the sugars/grains etc and no or limited processed stuff - cookies etc.

Anyway, my wife stopped losing weight after the first few weeks.

Is there a reasonable lbs/wk goal you should be looking at for weight loss? I thought about 1 lb per week? And how to achieve this? Primal + calorie limit?