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Thread: Clementine/Tangerine/Mandarin - use in dessert?

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    Clementine/Tangerine/Mandarin - use in dessert?

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    Hi guys,

    I've recently acquired some tangerines/clementines/mandarins
    (I use all three names because they're called different things in different countries!)
    I'm an Australian living in Paris, here they're called Clémentines, in oz they're called Mandarins and in the U.S you guys call them Tangerines!

    Anyway, regardless of what they are exactly, does anyone have any Paleofied dessert recipes that'd be nice to use these in?

    Also got some Kumquats on hand!
    Kumquat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Would love some of your lovely dessert recipe suggestions, am open to anything..


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    Quote Originally Posted by verve88 View Post
    I've recently acquired some tangerines/clementines/mandarins
    Damian, here in England, they are all actually slightly different. IMHO Clementines are a bit juicier and sweeter. Mandarins and Tangerines are usually flatter from top to bottom, often easier to peel and a little less sweet with only marginally different tastes. Once I have lost some more weight, I will eat them on their own or with cream.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nigel View Post
    I will eat them on their own or with cream.
    Agreed, whip up some heavy cream and yum!
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