Hello world!

We are J(the woman) and H (the man). Although I (J) am doing a whole 30, H is not and that is fine by me: at least we are doing a great deal of this together! I work out 5 days a week and have lost about 20 pounds in 6 months just trying to be sensible. H doesn't work out but we both walk a lot. I (J) have PCOS, acne, a bad dairy intolerance, wheat allergies (wheat free for 8 months) and my hormones are everywhere. H has a bad snoring problem, rosacea-like skin symptoms, and the inability to ever get a good nights rest. BOTH of our mothers have been diagnosed with wheat allergies (celiac for H's mum) and we decided now is the time to test out the theory of primal eating. We also have different schedules and goals. We are aiming for a 30 day challenge and then we will decide to go further with the lifestyle after that.

H's goal for this month:

Stop snoring
Limit carbs but keep potatoes and rice
entirely exclude sugar/wheat
Possibly clear up rosacea
Become a fat burner

J's goal for this month:

Entirely eliminate dairy/coffee/grains/sugar/carb binging
Limit caffeine intake (green tea and mate)
Become a fat burner
Balance hormones (acne will be an indicator of this)
Lose 10 pounds of fat

We are doing this together and are happy to be helping each other, though we know if will be a big change for us both, as you can see from the state of our computer desk:


H is not too keen on putting up pics, but this is my starting point:

me shrunk.jpg

Me shrunk2.jpg

We are very hopeful and excited about doing this together and in a different country! We'll keep you posted