I have decided to really give the primal lifestyle a good 30 days to sink before trying to tweak it for weight loss, but as an overweight woman, who's been overweight a very long time, I can't help but try to calculate the calories I've had for the day.

I think today, eating until full and trying not to overdue it, I will end the day at about 2500 calories. For me that's what generally leaves me at the same weight(maintenance calories).

I wonder if, after being off grains and sugar for a while, I will have an easier time eating less and still feeling satisfied? I am happy to be eating maintenance and feeling satisfied, don't get me wrong, but I'm afraid as soon as I try to step into a calorie deficit I'm going to fall right back in old binging and overeating habits.

I'm not going primal strictly to lose weight, but you can't deny that at 21 years old, 5'8 and 260 lbs that this is an unhealthy weight to be at. I'm not in it for vanity, but I just don't want to be constantly thinking about food and I definitely want to get some energy back and start exercising. I hate being breathless after one set of stairs. It's very bad.

Anyways, for anyone who's losing weight or trying to lose weight, do you count calories?