I'm here because I realize there's something wrong with my diet and I need to try everything I can to find a way to get healthy. Primal makes sense, but there's always a flicker of doubt in the back of my mind. I am not a 'scienc-ey' person. I am a language major and I do well with reading, writing, grammar...things like that. To be completely honest, numbers scare me. Science itself actually fascinates me, when I can understand it, but there are times when I am completely lost.

So what I'm trying to say is my experience with SAD and CW is really what led me here and is what's making me give it my all towards this primal lifestyle. I figure something must be out of whack. Beyond that, to be completely honest, whole grains don't appeal to me. Obviously white bread does, but I think it appeals to most people. I realized I was spending mornings forcing down sludgy, unsweetened oatmeal, just telling myself how healthy it was for me. I was eating bland cereal, trying to get my healthy fiber. After a morning like that I was definitely salivating over the hot pockets in the vending machine, or the french fries in the cafeteria and then I would try to satisfy myself with a gross sandwich on whole grain bread, hoping the cravings would go away! Today I had two strips of bacon, cooked in butter, and three eggs, also cooked in butter. It was so amazing, I was only craving lunch later because I knew it was roast beef with carrots and celery in broth(made with olive oil). I feel so satisfied right now, you couldn't pay me to eat a hot pocket. In fact, for the first time in a long time I don't have the after lunch drowsiness.

Even if grains are not 'that bad' for you, I don't really want them. They are calorie dense and provide nothing for me. Sugar is a little different for me. I completely believe it to be unhealthy. I think maybe a small amount, here and there(not daily) probably won't kill you but I think the amount we consume in the SAD is just...well, sad.(Sorry, that was lame.)

I just want to know what convinced all of you? I'm not here to argue points or anything, I'm just curious. I think it's natural for people to question new things. When you guys started out did you have reservations? Did the science appeal to you or was it a gut feeling? Did someone you know have great success eating primal?