I started doing the Shangri-La diet using coconut oil which instantly made me feel tired and very foggy. After research it sounds like I'm experiencing die off from the anti-fungal properties of the coconut oil.

Before starting the Shangri-La diet (about 2-3 weeks now) I was not having any symptoms of candida symptoms like what I have in the past (more later) but have still experience a few food sensitivities, seasonal allergies during particularly heavy pollen years and stiffness/arthritis in my hands. About 15 years ago I went on Diflucan and anti-candida diet for 6 months and symptoms I had been experiencing had gone away. I have continued to eat well and take probiotics on a somewhat regular basis. This has brought me to think I no longer had candida, until the symptoms returned with the CO.

I'm feeling quite disfunctional at the moment. Hard to focus, very fatigued, full feeling in head, slightly dizzy and buzzy in the head. Also my appetite is ravenous (but no cravings on a particular food). '

I eat a 100% primal diet that includes grass-fed ghee, all meat is organic pasture raised (local farms), produce is all organic, 1 piece of fruit daily, fermented veggies, Primal Defense probiotics, D3 with K2, kelp tablets, turmeric capsules (for the hand inflammation). The only new thing is the coconut oil (nutiva extra virgin).

Should I back off to feel better or plow through and get the die-ff over with (if that is what is going on)?