but how much coffee do you think is too much?

I generally drink my coffee black, though I decided to try heavy cream for my first cup of the day. Right now I guess I do use it for 'energy', which the Primal Blueprint advises against, but I haven't been primal that long! I do get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night, and I'm striving for consistency there, but as a college student working full time it's going to take some careful planning.

So, I usually drink either two or three 12oz cups of coffee a day, typically only one of those has cream in it.

Do you think that's excessive coffee consumption?

Also, I'm trying not to overdue it on the dairy. I've gotten non-homogenized(hope I spelled that right), organic milk with nothing added to it and I haven't actually purchased any cheese because most of it at the store is rubbish. I also bought a few singe serving containers of full-fat plain greek yogurt, also organic with no added crap thrown in.

Do you think a little heavy cream in my coffee in the mornings, with the potential to have some greek yogurt or milk later in the day(but probably not every day) is alright for someone who hasn't noticed any adverse dairy effects?