Hey everyone,

Relatively new to TPB here and just gathering more in depth information as I traverse the wisdom I'm reading both here in the forums and in Mark's book. One thing I'm concerned about is getting adequate levels of sunlight as I live in a northern state that right now is sporting 4 degrees as a high. There also isn't much to do outdoors right now as there isn't even much snow on the ground even if I wanted to get out and do some wintery activities (skiing, snowshoeing etc). I am also not a fan of supplementation. I'd rather get my Vit D naturally if at all possible. So this leads me to the path of possibly using a tanning salon to meet my needs. Anyone else out there doing this? I know a booth isn't going to 100% match the sun, and I should be limiting my exposure to very brief periods, but is there any other concrete information out there about tanning booths as alternatives during winter months?