Hey everyone,

So about a year ago I really developed bad dark circles and bloodshot eyes, I sneeze a little bit here and there - so obviously point to allergies. It started when I went gluten free and did low carb for a while but then it never went away. I think stress really triggered it as I was really stressed and although I have really made strides in my stress levels they are still there (although I will admit I still have a ways to go).

I am really athletic (ripped, strong, fast) with a 185lb build and I'd say 10% body fat (visible abs). I work very hard and sometimes am too much of a perfectionist. The only time they seem to go down is when I'm taking my enzymes (I take Trienza to help with any extra gluten/casein) and really only eating meats, veggie, and oats (I'm a high carber about ~300g per day sometimes more as I run a lot because I am required to for at least one more year). Things like nuts and low carb and eating anything in sight seem to aggravate the allergies. I also lose weight decently easily if I don't keep up with the calories intensely.

I also sleep from 10-6:30 most days and 11-8 or 9 on the weekends so it's not sleep that is the issue. Although I'll admit to depressions at times, some days it gets worse, others no so much (anyone with experience on depression and dark circles and beating it?).

I've read the Chris Kesser story about pizza and beer and about social isolation. I think I may be dealing with some of that because I don't go out sometimes in order to avoid your typical pizza and beer with the guys. I'm worried that if I go into that more or less I will just make the circles worse, however it is possible that the circles will get better with a worse diet and less stress? I just don't know how I can make my diet any better besides trying GAPS or SCD but I can't do that at University and I'm here for another 1.5 years at least.

I would really appreciate some helps fellow MDA readers. =)