Hey all,

A primal newbie here with a few questions I'm hoping someone can provide some insight on. I am in the process of reading TPB (not very far through), but I already want to get started on the program and don't want to wait to get through all of the material. I'm just that excited to get going!

So my few questions are:

1) Do I really have to taper off of carbs? I wouldn't say that I ate many carbs before I picked up TPB, maybe ~200-250g per day as I did track my macronutrient intake. Do I need to scale back slowly? I was thinking of aiming for TPB fat-loss recommended carb intake of 50-100g and thus sticking with around 75g.

2) When do I eat? Previously I would eat ~5 meals a day (3 big, 2 snacks), but according to TPB so far that is CW and not necessary.

3) This is tied somewhat into question #2, but should I only eat when I'm hungry? I woke up about 2 hours ago this morning and don't have a single hunger pang, should I still eat anyways? or should I just wait until I get hunger pangs? To me it makes sense that you should just eat anyways as hunger pangs must be like thirst, a warning sign that your body is already dehydrated at that point. I know there is some PB material out there on IF, but I want to tackle one thing at a time.

A little bit about me, I'm 6'5" and I'm at 240 pounds.

Thanks in advance!