Heya, got your attention did I? Well then let me explain myself. Since becoming paleo, I have been reading a lot of related info and have discovered a lot of disturbing ideas. The big company conspiracy theories about how they try to program us, lie to use feed us crap food and then meds to treat what their food caused. Genetic manipulation of wheat making us sick and addicted... Government collusion in this conspiracy to control us and distract us and fleece us.

I have been reading books like the handmaiden's tale by Margaret Atwood and I see such a nightmare world slowing coming. Right wing conservative governments slowly taking our freedoms with fear and paranoia as justification, police forces becoming abusive dominating occupying forces crushing any protests and people just closing their shutters and claiming non involvement because it does not apply to them.

I never noticed all of this before and paid no attention anyways but now I see it all over the place and I have become convinced that we are being slowly boiled alive and not doing anything about it.

I am healthier than I have been in 30 years, more awake than ever before and seeing the noose close around our necks and I am literally freaking out on a regular basis as I see each example of jack booted totalitarianism crushing one more aspect of freedom.

I cant not pay attention I cant not care but this is making me crazier and crazier. I need peace.