Just under two years ago, I packed up my car and cat, and moved ~2000 miles. The only thing I took from my kitchen was my Romertopf clay cooker and a travel coffee maker.

Now Iím in the process of making a commitment to staying put for a bit, and I want to flesh out my kitchen tools. Iíve been staying fairly bare-bones up Ďtil now.

I have a list, but Iím wondering what are some of your favorite kitchen tools. Something you couldnít do without on a daily basis? Something that maybe you donít use a lot, but still couldnít do without for something specific? Something that does so many things (a la Alton Brown) that you donít know how you ever got along before you got it? Or anything else you love to use in your kitchen.

It doesnít have to be complex. It can be as simple as the 99cent spatulas from Walmart which are surprising comfortable for small hands.

Also a question. If I have an immersion blender, do I need a hand mixer?

Thanks in advance for any tips, help, etc.