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Thread: Favorite Kitchen Tools?

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    If I could only have one knife it would be my really nice cleaver.
    I got a couple medium-quality santokus to keep up at my BF's house, and they scare me.

    Pig-shaped wooden cutting board, made by my grandfather, for my grandmother. It's older than I am!

    Cuisinart Griddler Junior. Essential for grilling indoors- I LOVE it. Perfect. Need to buy a second one to take up to BF's house (850 miles away). I use it several times a week.

    Big and small enameled cast iron Dutch/French ovens. I'm lucky- the big one is a Le Creuset. (Piece of advice- just splurge while you're young and enjoy nice things your whole life instead of waiting till you're in your 50's!)

    I just got a NICE roaster with a V-shaped rack. LOVE it. Leg of lamb turned out perfect!

    I've never had a food processor. We "needed" one to make marinade for chipotle/mango ribs. I'm not convinced I couldn't have lived without it, but it speeds things up!

    Wooden cooking tools and chopsticks.

    A "real" wok, heavy aluminum, thickly seasoned.

    The expensive OXO corkscrew!

    Stainless steel measuring cups and spoons.

    Charbroil Patio Bistro Electric Grill. Okay- it's outside, but I cook on it all the time when the weather is nice. Propane grills always failed me at the worst times. With electric- plug it in, turn it on- it just works. In conjunction with that- digital remote meat thermometer! I _love_ pork tenderloin on the grill. This grill is tiny, but holds a lot, is easy to clean, works great. I'd rather be outside, kicked back at my water garden with a glass of wine, grilling elk burgers, than indoors cooking. Which reminds me- an enamel vegetable grilling basket!

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    Cast iron skillets - 3
    Cast iron dutch oven
    stick blender
    Vitronoix 12" Chefs Knife w Rosewood handle - softer steel that sharpens well and holds an edge
    Industrial electric diamond blade knife sharpener

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    These lists are great!

    I've been on the fence about a mandoline. I was wondering - you know the blade that comes with a food processor that slices veggies? Is that a good replacement for a mandoline, or do those of you who use mandolines find the adjustability of the slices make the mandoline better?
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    A paint scraper, used for cleaning the cast iron skillet ,really do use it.

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    I love my range. I grew up with an electric range and was actually scared of my first gas range when I moved to a tiny apartment when I was 20. I was always told how much better gas is for cooking, but never knew how true it was until I used one! Now it is a must-have in any home I live in! I'll never go back to electric!

    I use my crockpot at least a couple of times a month during the cool months, and a couple of times during the warm months. I have two but only ever use the small one because it's just two of us in the apartment.

    I also have one of these and it is absolutely worth its weight in gold!

    My favorite purchases ever are my Kitchenaid Mixer (and ice cream attachment!), Ninja hand-chopper, and Ninja Blender (with a single-serve cup, a large pitcher, and a small pitcher). I use all of these weekly... except for the ice cream attachment. That's reserved for special events.

    My next purchase will be attachments for my mixer, like the meat-grinder! I also desperately want a good mandolin.
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    Oh speaking or ranges....we have a blusstar open burner....OH YEA!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PBNewby View Post

    Plus a wooden spoon, small knife and a big knife. Bought a small food processor the other day which is such a time saver. Veg for the entire day gets done in about 3 minutes. I also have a le creuset casserole pot and a large le creuset frying pan which I absolutely love, managed to get it half price! All I need now is a roasting tray, but the casserole pot works very well.

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    I don't know how I survived in my kitchen without a quality chef's knife. I have a small hand, so I bought a 6inch blade which is more than enough for me. It's Henkle's brand, and it's the best thing I have ever invested in. Seriously, these are some of the best blades on the market. Other than that, I have a particularly flexible off brand spatula. It's the only thing I can flip eggs with. Would die without it. I always try to use a different one, give up and go frantically searching for THAT one before the egg gets too done. Oh, and cast iron skillets. Can't beat em'....
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    There is a wide range of kitchen tools but some tools without which I can't imagine cooking like knife, mixer, kitchen cabinet cleaner etc.
    I am also a fan of electronic kitchen gadgets.
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