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    I am a kitchen junky here...but my essentials are...
    - multiple sized cast iron pans
    - multiple turners
    - oxo peeler
    - oxo tongs
    - oxo pastry blender (I still make GF foods and this is priceless to me!)
    - oxo wire whisk
    - kitchenaid hand mixer (again, I use this more for baking than anything else, you might be able to go without)
    - glass pyrex bowls
    - Brisker (these are GREAT for keeping nuts dry---got this for my wedding 12 years ago and it still serves my countertop well)
    - kitchen shears...multiple pairs
    - Wilton cookie sheets
    - glass baking dishes
    - a mixing bowl or many of them that you really like. I have a Pfaltzgraff bowl that I LOVE.
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    My most loved tool is my ceramic pealer. I'd never use a metal one again.

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    I would only add two things: a mortar and pestle and a glass juicer. These two things see daily use in our kitchen. We recently visited relatives over the holidays and when we cooked for people we needed these two things and had to improvise.

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    I typically only use it in the summer, but the coolest kitchen tool I have is a spiral slicer. Primal pasta = Zucchini noodles!

    Also, I love my garlic press, food processor, and ceramic skillets.
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    Stainless steel knife and bamboo cutting board.
    Kitchen scissors.
    Cast iron pan and stainless steel spatula.
    Soup pot.

    Basically use them every day, if not every other day.

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    Can't say enough for good knives.

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    I'm a kitchen junkie, I have all kinds of useless shit, but find uses for it all. My favorite is probably my set of Wustof knives. I get pissed when somebody touches my knives.

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    Hmm, I feed a family, so my inclinations are for big and batchy... and kid-friendly.

    A REALLY BIG stock pot.
    A Roasting Pan
    Hand-held blender
    Magic Bullet
    Coffee-grinder (for spices)
    Electric Mandoline
    A couple-three different graters
    Big Electric Pan
    2-ovens range - LOVE IT!!! With Convection. YAY!
    Good knives, and a LOT of them
    Bowls of all denominations
    Stand Blender
    A small slow-cooker
    A VERY BIG Slow Cooker (2-roasts)
    Cast-iron frying pans - from the top into oven!!!

    Oh, and someone gave me a brie baking dish, and I thought it useless, but now I bake brie every week for my folks.

    And pizza tray is totally awsome for baking meatzzas (another one)
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    -Good knives. I'm partial to the balance of Wusthof Grand Prix II.
    -Stainless stock pot.
    -Cast iron pans. My favorites are my old Wagner #6 and #9.
    -Enameled cast iron dutch oven.
    -Griswold meat grinder.
    -Large cutting boards.
    -Stainless 1/2 sheet pans.

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    High carbon, single bevel 12 inch Japanese chefs knife, paring knife, Japanese boning knife and a filleting knife.
    French copper pots pans
    slow cooker
    coffee grinder
    cast iron pans
    the rest is a once in a while grab.
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