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Thread: Aaaaaaaaaaaargh, do they have to put sugar in everything???

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    Aaaaaaaaaaaargh, do they have to put sugar in everything???

    Last night I went by Fresh Market and Trader Joe's looking for ingredients for this weekend.

    I've been eating some smoked salmon (wild) and checked the Nova salmon... sugar

    Then I looked at 3 different brands of dried blueberries to make the Primal Energy Bars - all had sugar or sucrose added.

    While at Trader's, they had buffalo chicken meatball samples... sugar in that too. OK, not so surprised about that one but the dried blueberries??? Give me a break. It probably won't kill me but I've only been at it ~3 weeks and don't want to cut corners yet. I really want to make those bars!

    Adding another to my list: Chipolte Tabasco - this is what i like to make Guacamole Devils. At least I can use a hot sauce w/ no sugar and add chipolte chili powder.
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