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Thread: body reshaping?

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    body reshaping?

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    Just out of curiousity...I'v been in a fat burning mode with weight reduction in the past 8 weeks..however is it possible for your body to shift fat to other places of your body while it (your body) figures itself out?

    for example like I said I have been rockin as close to 100% paleo as possible down 12 pounds in 8 weeks great awesome however I have noticed changes in my stomach. Ive always been "top heavy" but it really seems like fat is shifting south. anyone..anything...tell me I'm not crazy

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    I would guess it is less a matter of fat shifting around and more about losing preferentially in some places and holding on in other places. Our bodies tend to hang onto fat more in some places than others

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    I totally think its true! My weight hasn't shifted over the past week, but my pants fit better. You're not crazy! Its happening to me too!

    I wish I had been taking measurements around my waist and hips and things to see those numbers!

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    My weight has been stable since September (+/- a bit) and I look very different now, than I did back then.
    I remember being shocked at weighing 83kg (around 185lbs, I think) and still being fat, cause I always thought that would be a quite low weight for me (186cm / 6'1")
    Now I weigh the same but am most definitely not fat.

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    Typically, people lose fat from the extremities in towards the center of mass, usually somewhere in the abdomen, or as low as the hips for women. So yes, pretty likely, in fact.

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