Here are some of my thoughts:

I was just pondering on the thought. Did Grok have to worry about this food vs that food? Of course not. Instead, he had to worry about if he was going to have enough to live or not. That's it. If all was available was oranges that day, that's all he would get. If he got a buffalo or a bird, that's what he would get. If he didn't find any berries or get a kill, he'd go without food for the day.

Now truthfully Grok had to know the difference between actual food and plants that would kill him. And I am sure he was better at knowing about identifying that stuff than we are today.

My point of that thought is, maybe people shouldn't worry so much about "this food vs that food". Keep it primal and eat what ever you want of it.

Aside from that, I really can think of only one main difference between Grok's diet and a modern man's copy of it. Grok probably fasted for days or more only if he had to. But modern man has to force it, if he wants to drop the fat.

My other thoughts are concerning diet in it's relation to physical fitness and physical performance. Survival is the name of the game. Grok had to find food and eat it so that he wouldn't die, and that was the only purpose of it. If Grok was hunting, could he use the fact that he didn't eat in 2 days as an excuse not to perform his best? If Grok was getting chased by a wild animal that wanted to hurt him or possibly eat him and had to run for safety, could he make the same excuse for that? The answer is a flat out NO!!! And in fact, in all cases the answer would be the complete opposite. Instead, it would give all the excuse and more to perform at his best so that he could manage to keep on living instead of dying.

To sum up my thoughts on that one, I am convinced by now that diet and athletic performance should be thought to be mutually exclusive entities. When it comes to athletic performance the only thing that you should be thinking of is the power of the mind and how it can push your body to do the best you can, not food in any shape or form. Food on the other hand should only be consumed as necessary for the purpose of living (hopefully you can enjoy that too). And aside from that I'll repeat that modern man might be required to force a fast from time to time (to lose extra fat) because he has infinite food available as opposed to the life that Grok used to live.

To sum up my whole post, at this point I'm done listening to any modern dietary advice. Completely. It could only do me harm and not any good. It would only serve to make me more confused, make me fatter, and discourage me from doing the best that I can in the gym and give me all the excuses in the world for performing less than that. I've had enough. I'm done.