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Thread: Paleo Ice cream?

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    Paleo Ice cream?

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    I can see room for paleo ice cream in the paleo world...

    Raw milk, raw cream, raw pastured eggs. Natural vanilla flavoring. Dare i say this actually sounds...healthy? Only culprit in traditional ice cream is sugar. I would put just a hint of raw honey in it.

    Anyone have any recipes on how to make?

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    Paleo no...Primal yes.
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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    I have heard that Stevia does not raise blood sugar, that even diabetics can eat it.
    How is it viewed here?

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    That's indeed healthy.
    well then

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    I make primal icecream this way: Toss into the blender some frozen berries, a fresh banana, real cream. Add vanilla essence and some cocoa powder. Blend and serve immediately or pour into moulds, add an iceblock stick and freeze.

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    Plenty of Primal/Paleo "ice creams" are around. We make ours with two cups of coconut milk, a couple spoons of honey, sometimes cocoa powder and/or vanilla, flavor at your whim. Best when it first comes out of the maker, once it goes into the freezer it'll have to thaw before being eaten again.
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    Right here is an awesome recipe from hyperlipid for very good stuff:

    One pint of double cream, six egg yolks, about 10 drops of vanilla and sweetener to taste. He says he uses 20g of sucrose, but another fella uses 60g. Blend in food processor and transfer to ice cream maker. I think you could take that a step farther and use honey or mess with adding cocoa and such also.

    I'm gonna have to try knifegill's too
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    Freeze peeled bananas and blend, add coco if you like, or frozen berries (black-forest berries and coco make black-forrest gataux flavoured ice cream), good if you don't tolerate dairy. The kids had cream and frozen berries blended for breakfast this morning
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    I make it all the time with coconut sugar. It works well. I don't see sugar as a problem at all. It's only an issue in the Westernized diets where it's 25% of your daily calories and contributes to a massive daily caloric excess of virtually nutritionless energy. Meter your consumption - make it a treat, a small bowl here and there and now a daily staple - and you'll probably be okay. I usually eat some after a heavy lift session and skip it on days I'm off from the gym. Also, store bought ice cream seems to be way too sweet for me - in an entire recipe, I'll use about 3 tablespoons of coconut sugar and a few drops/scoops of stevia to round it out. Too much stevia makes it a few drops are usually not noticeable.

    I typically use a base of:

    1 pint Trader Joe's heavy cream
    2 cups whole or 2% milk of decent quality (or a 14oz can of coconut milk sometimes)
    1 cup kefir (it adds a zip, Trader Joe's carries 1% so I usually use that)
    8 egg yolks

    Considering heavy cream is about 33% milk fat, whole milk is 4% milkfat and the kefir I buy is 1% milkfat, that recipe will give you an average milkfat of 15%. Standard ice cream in the US must be 10% milkfat or greater to be labeled as ice cream legally - and most manufacture at the bare minimum for cost reasons. This recipe will be much richer than typical ice cream, especially with 8 egg whites as it'll shoot the fat content through the roof and add lots of creaminess.

    I typically add 4 tablespoons of vodka, 2 tablespoons of dark spiced rum, 1 tablespoon of alcohol-based vanilla extract and 1 packet of plain unflavored beef gelatin to my mix to prevent it from freezing into a brick in the freezer. This will keep it scoopable when you take it out. Note that the beef gelatin must be dissolved in the warmed custard while (lightly) cooking. The alcohol is added immediately before churning. You do not want to cook your extracts and alcohols - it removes alcohol content and flavor.

    You may be wondering: 2% milk? Why? Well, certain recipes you can go overboard on fat and it's just too rich. If you were to make a nut butter ice cream, for example, where you may dump half a cup of almond butter or something into it, you're sending the fat content through the roof. At that point, I may use a reduced fat milk - maybe even skim - to balance out the consistency. There is a such thing as too much fat in ice cream, and I like to hit around that 15% mark plus egg yolks.
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    We make lots of ice cream all year long. We use about a quart of our own frozen berries (so no nasty chemicals) and whiz them in the vitamix with a splash of heavy cream and some stevia, or honey from our bees if the timing's right. With a vitamix (or food processor) and frozen berries, you don't need to mess with the ice cream maker, even though that makes nice ice cream too.

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