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Thread: Paleo Ice cream?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    You may be wondering: 2% milk? Why? Well, certain recipes you can go overboard on fat and it's just too rich. If you were to make a nut butter ice cream, for example, where you may dump half a cup of almond butter or something into it, you're sending the fat content through the roof. At that point, I may use a reduced fat milk - maybe even skim - to balance out the consistency. There is a such thing as too much fat in ice cream, and I like to hit around that 15% mark plus egg yolks.
    I agree. A lot of people go a little overboard on consuming straight cream or coconut milk, and although I've done it a few times, I've found that I'm unable to drink more than a half cup before feeling too gross haha.

    Although if you make it so creamy, you limit the amount of ice cream you eat too

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    I make Primal "ice cream" by just blending coconut cream with frozen berries and vanilla extract, sometimes adding a bit of raw honey to cut back on the tartness of the berries. I also add some potato vodka to it so it doesn't turn into a rock when it's in the freezer.

    I also found this recipe that is somewhat similar, but makes vanilla "ice cream".
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