My pre-med friend and I are gym partners. we go work out twice a week at the weight room. Today he questioned the logic behind my LeanGains type diet. I want to show him some major studies that will disprove the following:

- 5-6 small meals are better a day

- large meals are harmful to the digestion health

- that consuming bulk of daily calories in two meals a day or in a eight hour window is healthy or at least safe with some benefits

- anything having to do with leangains

I know there are studies and articles galore on the web. But I was wondering if anyone can link me to some studies or articles that back me up. I wish I can explain it myself, but I am not good with words and I don't really want to misrepresent my nutritional knowledge by incorrectly stating something. I rather not be a link to Mark's site because that would not sway my friend who thinks I read to much "diet fad articles".