Hi, Iíd like to introduce myself and say that I really enjoy this community. I decided to go Paleo around this past Christmas. I had 2 weeks holiday around then, which I assumed would refresh my energy. Instead, I just felt worse and worse.

When I realized that my lethargy wasnít work related, I started to look at my diet. I donít remember when I discovered Paleo (maybe I was drunk!!) but it hit something. I donít have problems with my weight, but in the month that I have been grain free I have learned that it has affected my skin and my clarity of mind.

My family and I live in Northern Manitoba. We were in the ďBig CityĒ not long ago and decided (poorly) to eat at Red Lobster. Me, only 2 weeks paleo, thought Ďwhat could go wrong if I eat a biscuit.í By the time the entrťe came, my throat was tightening and my DH said that I looked flushed. When we got back to the hotel I had massive, red, raised welts all over my face.

So Iím convinced Ö And I find it really interesting how my thoughts on food shifted so quickly. I was a carb addict, once upon a time Ö

Iím also curious if there are other Northerners hanging around, to give me advice. I live in Northern Manitoba and itís difficult. I buy organic when I can, but itís expensive. I drive 9 hours to get grass fed meat (totally worth it!!). I'd appreciate any advice