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Thread: Hi from Northern Manitoba

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    Thompson, Manitoba

    Hi from Northern Manitoba

    Hi, Iíd like to introduce myself and say that I really enjoy this community. I decided to go Paleo around this past Christmas. I had 2 weeks holiday around then, which I assumed would refresh my energy. Instead, I just felt worse and worse.

    When I realized that my lethargy wasnít work related, I started to look at my diet. I donít remember when I discovered Paleo (maybe I was drunk!!) but it hit something. I donít have problems with my weight, but in the month that I have been grain free I have learned that it has affected my skin and my clarity of mind.

    My family and I live in Northern Manitoba. We were in the ďBig CityĒ not long ago and decided (poorly) to eat at Red Lobster. Me, only 2 weeks paleo, thought Ďwhat could go wrong if I eat a biscuit.í By the time the entrťe came, my throat was tightening and my DH said that I looked flushed. When we got back to the hotel I had massive, red, raised welts all over my face.

    So Iím convinced Ö And I find it really interesting how my thoughts on food shifted so quickly. I was a carb addict, once upon a time Ö

    Iím also curious if there are other Northerners hanging around, to give me advice. I live in Northern Manitoba and itís difficult. I buy organic when I can, but itís expensive. I drive 9 hours to get grass fed meat (totally worth it!!). I'd appreciate any advice

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    Hi Manitoba, Saskatchewan here. Cold enough? ha Sounds like a food allergy? Had any tests for allergies?

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    Not up north, but in the "Big City". Not so easy to eat seasonal and local a good part of the year as far as produce goes. You'll find it a lot easier come summer, with farmer's markets and so on. Lots of good local properly raised meat around in the south, good on you for sourcing some even if it means a long trek to get it. Any luck with local egg producers? Look into CSAs for produce for the summer.

    If you have the standard grocery stores like Safeway and Sobeys, you can find some decent primal friendly things, Superstore is better, but not sure if you have that in Thompson. There are a few decent organic/health food stores in the city that you can stock up on if you get down here.

    Welcome to the tribe .

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