Has anyone used rifamaxin?

Although about 90% of my gas and bloating is gone, 10% still remains, and when it hits, which seems to be with increasing frequency, it's really very uncomfortable. "It comes from fermentation of carbohydrates that we improperly or incompletely digest in the small intestine. These leftover bits make it to the colon/large intestine, and thatís where the magic happens."

I listened to this:
5 Simple Steps to Cure IBS without Drugs - YouTube
and he recommends it to kill the gas produced in the small intestine by bad flora which has leaked through from the stomach. Here's Wiki's page Rifaximin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here is Mark's column:

Here is a previous forum discussion:
She had been on PB 8 weeks.

I've been on PB 2.5 months. Shouldn't that be long enough to end this gas production?
Last night I had catfish and green beans, which are not on FODMAP. But that meal produce considerable gas bloating.